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Colin Parkstone

Algol, What size pin are you using,maybe it does not have much movment if its a large one.

I would take it out and play about without it till you have some prebend,then try to fit it back after!
As for your block to block pointing in light airs, was the kicker off and the leach open with the mainsheet in the centre of the boat but with no downward pull on the boom.

If not, i would say you were not set as well as you could have been and may have only over ridden the lack of prebend with mainsheet tention and have been lucky to have had enough wind to have over riden the hard leach tention a hard mainsheet would have given you.

Light, f1to f2 winds, the kicker light and the boom near the centreline is good as this gives an open leach to the main and allows the wind to exit the main without having to fight a hard leach.