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😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 it was partly to quiz the chandlers about the wheel he sold me earlier this year and partly to buy some other bits & bobs to help give him some trade in this age when the small local shops are being shut down by the big conglomerates and the internet. When I need my shrouds replaced or shortened he will be the guy to happily do it.

BTW all the wheel barrow wheels I’ve seen in this country have a fixed spindle stuck into the centre of the hub not a hole that we need for our trolleys. Now you may be right about the tube but from a quick Ebay search last night there seemed to be a lot of different sizes including those described for the said barrows. Time will tell if I need to think about foam filling.

Any way, do you buy your shoes from your local carpenter ? 😛

PS. Thanks for your comments 8)