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Andrew Morrice

Just an update on this:

the Line-lok cleats (by clamcleat) are fab – it makes it very very easy to adjust the bridle. They seem to be used mainly for tents and tarps, but are great for this application. I bought them on Ebay as I couldn’t find them elsewhere and certainly not in any chandlers. For instance our last sail was in light airs, but our next (a race) will be in a F4 – 6 if the forecast is correct: adjusting the bridle very accurately will take about 30 seconds.

Having found a cheap(ish) fiddle block on Ebay I in fact have two bridles – one for rear sheeting and one for centre sheeting. It takes about 3 minutes to change the bridles over and the Line-lok’s mean its very simple to even it up to centralise the blocks. I did this so it would be easy to change the configuation of the boat to accomodate “guests”. We are all tall in our family and 4 is a real crowd with centre sheeting.

Also I’ve been experimenting with bringing the bridle forward when sailing with an outboard on the transom (during a lovely but very windy week on the Fal two weeks back). On a Mk1 bringing the bridle forward to near the front of the rear tank is too far forward – yes the sheets don’t get tangled in the motor or quarters, but they certainly get tangled in the forward two clips of the tank hatch on my boat. I’ve come the the conclusion the best compromise for cruising with a motor on the transom is to put the bridle (and boom block) about level with the back of the bouyancy tank hatch, but I’ve yet to try it. I’d be interested to hear views on that.

happy sailing folks