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I have a mariner 3.3HP 2 Stroke mounted on a boat’s & bits removable bracket. The mean speed of 2 runs in opposite directions on the river Frome @ Wareham was 6.2 miles per hour,This was more than hull speed & the boat was obviously planing.The weight on the boat was my 14 stone + approx: 100 lbs.
The MK2 came on to the plane very easily & I dont think another one or two persons placed sensibly would have much difference. I really would not want a motor that is any heavier. Really don’t like the motor this far back because of the weight leverage also difficult @ dangerous to control in certain conditions
Have tried fitting motor directly on transom and found it much more controlable but could’nt get it deep enough in the water and on turning cavitation occured.I am still thinking what to do.The dry weight of motor is 28.5lbs