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Hi Keith – I’m afraid my experience of sailing over bars ie pretty limited though years ago we attended the Firefly Nationals on the Deben and the bar was terrifying in a lot of wind and quite few capsized. I’ve scraped in over the one at Barrow on the run under full sail+ outboard in a Force 4 wind against tide. I can see that with racing surf up your rear the boat will be uncontollable with an outboard giving only 3.5 Knots. I’d be very interested to hear of other peoples experience on bars and how they cope as I do fancy Aberdovey and Barmouth. Its ok on a decked cruiser as it doesn’t get picked up by the waves like a dinghy and a few waves over the top don’t matter. I guess you have to avoid surf like the plague! Maybe I’ll ask on a new thread – I’m sure people like Bob Harland have been over a few.
Re the seagull – it has a big relatively slow large prop which seems to give it more torque. You can tow another Wayfarer quite easily with the 40+. I don’t know if this is as easy with a fast running small prop outboard. Its probably just as good when its got momentum. All the best. Robert