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The handle on my outboard actually drops into a notched piece of wood on the transom which keeps it dead ahead. For fast turning eg in marinas i can lift it out and steer rudder and outboard together squatting on the rear tank. If you clamp the outboard to the transom you probably won’t be able to use the rudder at the same time. I find it really awkward putting on the rudder at sea and you have no steerage during the operation. It would be easy to lose it over the side!
I think your biggest problem may be the size of the engine. With 2.5hp it is a relaxed affair as you’re not going too quickly. Sometimes in rough seas the outboard will race a bit as the prop comes up especially if someone is on the foredeck, but its never been a major problem for me. I suggest you beg or borrow a smaller outboard and try that before changing anything else. I must admit though that I’ve often wished for a bit more speed than the 3.5 to 4 Knots. 5 Knots would be my ideal but I guess I’ll always want 1 more than I’ve got!!