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I’ve been the Bosun for my local club for many years, and I’ve bought a number of replacement covers for our club boats. My first port of call is Sail Register, good covers and good value for money. They have some particularly good offers at the moment. A boom-up polycotton, the breathable stuff, is about £180 delivered.
If you want meat, go to a butcher, if you want bread, go to a baker, as the old saying goes. My experience suggests that you’ll get better value from a cover specialist.
The details make a difference, of course. Things worth checking are; depth of valance, good straps with well-reinforced attachments and robust clips, enough room for’d to accomodate furling gear, preferably with a reinforced cut-out for the forestay, an effective drawcord, shroud collars and chafe patches under the mast collar and over the gooseneck area. Covers ‘move’ with use and weather, of course, so expect it to be a different shape and fit after a season’s use.