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Dave Barker

If I’ve got this right you have a composite MK1A Wayfarer? Presumably you have the nice short front benches ending above mahogany knees? This (front of starboard knee) is where I’ve fitted a bilge pump on Shearwater.

There was already a skin fitting nearby, although it’s a straightforward job to fit one of these (if you have access to a hole-saw or suitable Forstner bit), so this seemed the obvious place for it. The pump is a Whale Gusher Urchin with fixed handle, through-bolted to the timber, with 38mm (1½”) hose running down the angle between knee and hull, through a small round notch in the edge of the floorboard to a strum filter box thing below the grp moulding that supports both front floorboards – just about the lowest point in the boat (except the sump between the mast step and front buoyancy tank, which would be another possible intake point).

So far so good – ironically we haven’t really needed it since I fitted it, but it would have saved a lot of tedious sponging out on the first couple of trips this year, before I solved the leaking self-bailer (incomplete gasket, though supposedly new) and centreboard bolt (not perpendicular to sides of case – the rubber washers stood no chance of taking up that much difference, so I made an extra large, thick washer/seal for either side, with silicone sealant).

It saves carrying a loose bike pump-style bilge pump, and is always to hand. Maybe we should have one on each side…?