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Colin Parkstone

Roger, I am not sure about your heading dead into wind as you climb up, would not work in waves as you need as much forward movement as pos to climb the wave.

Do you sail on a flat lake as it may work for that?

Your find that when sailing in low winds that moving the sails to the wind angle if much faster and better than moving the boat to the wind.

As you ease to the wind angle your power the boat and then be able to pull the sails back in when you luff or the action of pulling in will do that for you with the smallest of rudder movement.

Centerboard full down, why have less resistance to leeway ?

The crew can do so much for the boats speed by adjusting to the wind as well, genoa is pos 40% of the sail area and needs not to be over sheeted and stall the back of that eased mainsail.

Telltails on the genoa leach as well as the mains will help them with over or under sheeting.