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Thanks Colin, yes indeed they do seem to work well. I’ve been used to the boat without any form of bailer so was alarmed initially at the water that seeps in when they are left open while the boat is very slow or hove to but it quickly clears once on the move again. We also tried the pumps while heeled and they work well too when there’s too much water for the self bailers to clear quickly. We also did some capsize tests and the boat took on a lot of water on one test in particular where we delibererately rolled it quickly both ways as it took on a double scooop of water; too much to clear by pumping in any reasonable timeframe; so a bucket is still a necessity but at least we have three methods now depending on just how much water we have shipped. Leaving the bailers open in the dinghy park and while bringing her ashore is a bonus too as the boat dries out much quicker than using the drain tubes.

I’m going to put grids on the self bailers though; if the bitter end of a rope get sucked out it could hold the flap open and be very difficult to retrieve, other than that they seem very good.

I was down at Lymington yesterday and noticed five Mk1/2 Wayferers moored together on the pontoon in the Haven. They didnt look to be regularly used and none had covers though a couple were fitted with whale pumps on the thwart and all had the transom bungs in but I couldnt get close enough to see how on earth they hadnt filled with water given the amount of rain recently; many of the similarly uncovered small rowing boats were full and had sunk. I’d be interested to know how these ‘self bail’ while moored.