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They arrived lymington on Monday night 30/06/2014 direct from Dover. Three of us went for a night sail launching about 2230. (My W, Pete in a Blaze and Keith in a sea kayak (!) After about an hour of escaping our river and pottering east we saw their suberb masthead all round white bobbing down past Sowley Boom about three miles up the Solent and a rendezvous in the dark was made to escort them in hitting the slipway around midnight I think. The next afternoon they took the ebb tide and again we escorted them out in motor boats this time in a solid F5 headed out towards St Albans Head and a proposed stop at Lulworth. See their site above and also our photographer’s Flickr link below for more. No night pics yet but we are gathering more images. I’ll see what appears on their site and what they publish and subject to that I have lots of pics of really innovative cruising adaptations to their boat. They have played one heck of a tune on Mr. Proctors creation!

As I write – 1100 hours 02/07/2014, they are a handful of miles from the finish at Castle Cove, Weymouth.

For flickr link copy and paste: