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We bought a new set of cruising sails from Jon last season, he works out of a loft in Coventry just down the road from us and can highly recommended from a number of other sailors at our club. We therefore had the benefit of meeting him and seeing how its all done, really nice guy who definitely knows his stuff when it somes to sails and a very well equipped workshop with huge sail table and numerous specialist sewing machines. He was very helpful and knowledgable when we talked about cutting the genoa for the various reefing systems too. He’s best known round here for top notch racing sails for the Solo dinghies and seems to be a purist enthusiast that works to sail as far as I can tell. Our boat has been transformed and given a new life thanks to the new sails, an amazing difference to the power the rig develops versus the old bed sheets we had before and as you mentioned, very keenly priced too thanks to keeping his operation small.