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Dave Bevan

Hi Roger,

We’ve had many happy holidays sailing on the broads, but mostly stayed in cottages near Hickling broads where we could almost sail up to the front door. It can get a bit busy with streams of motor-cruisers coming in either direction down the narrow rivers, and some of the Broads can be a bit weedy, but this just adds to the challenge and also limits the motor-boats to the main channels 😆

We’ve had one night in a boat-tent at Candle Dyke, near Martham. In our pre-Wayfarer days, we camped for a couple of discrete nights at St Benet’s Abbey (we didn’t have permission 😳 ). I don’t know of any campsites where you can sail from, but I can recommend Walnut Farm at Waxham. For a family holiday, you should probably avoid Heather House Farm 😉

Dave Barker did an excellent write-up of a cruise on the North Broads rivers on the main W website, it was also published in the W news last year. He describes the village slipway at Hickling Staithe that we’ve often used.

The rivers may have quite a flow depending on the tide, and tacking against the tide can be painfully slow, with the impression of being carried back down-river and the only progress being made as you turn, compounded by tall trees causing wind-shadows along the rivers whilst you dodge impatient cruisers – all this makes for great boat-handling practice!