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Are the Broads good for cruising? Has to be a definite yes.

I live in Norfolk and therefore 99% of my sailing is on The Broads.

Personally, I would launch at Hickling. Give John at Whispering Reeds a call http://www.whisperingreeds.net/

John may also have some space to put a tent, if not there are campsites at Repps (as mentioned) or Thurne Dyke. I have also seen people camping at Upton Dyke.

Stick to the Northern Rivers, the tides down South can get a bit fierce at times.

Launching at Hickling, you have the whole broad to play with plus a few miles of river down to the bridge at Potter Heigham. Due to the size of the hole in this bridge not many cruisers can get through it. As well as Hickling and the Upper Thurne, there is Horsey Mere. Plenty above the bridge before navigating below it into the traffic.

Once through the bridge the fun starts! Firstly there is the cottages to sail through, plus the extra boats. The wide open space around Thurne Mouth, down to Acle Bridge and up to Ant Mouth.

West of the Ant is treelined, as is the Ant above Ludham Bridge until you reach Barton Broad (some bloke called Horatio learnt to sail there 🙂 ).

Why not enter the 3 Rivers Race this year? Its the 50th running of the race and my write up from 3 years ago is here.

There is no where near the amount of boats on the Broads that there used to be.

Have fun.