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I had a brilliant holiday with daughters (approx 8 & 9) some 15 years ago. Ok it was a Yachting World Dayboat (smaller than a Wayfarer) We camped every night near Pub! Left car and trailer at Brundall. Day 1 Brundall to Reedham. Day 2 Reedham to Stacey Arms. Day 3 Stacey Arms to Potter Heigham. Day 4 Potter Heigham to Ranworth. Day 5 Ranworth to Coltishall and back to Wroxam. Day 6 train Wroxham to Brundall on train (via Norwich) and back to Wroxham with boat trailer. You need to lower the mast sometimes – I got people on cruisers to help – no tabernacle on Dayboat – but if you practise before you go I’m sure you’ll manage ok on the water. Girls let off the forestay, you support mast on shoulder and then crutch on transom. In my opinion you need engine – anything around 2 hp will be fine. Have a good holiday – I keep meaning to do it again!! NB “Jarold” map of broads (Old) excellent