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I’m still contemplating replacing my road base with a better designed version.
It was a home-build anyway by the looks of it, and has the rather odd design feature that the trolley sits forward of the road base’s A-frame. So to get the boat on or off, you effectively have to lift it up and over the trailer. After many futile attempts at doing this I resorted to using a couple of wooden ramps to help. It is a right pain. The road base is also painted mild steel.

I think that the longer sections to make up a trailer could be bought easily, as could a delta-plate hitch to join them, and of course the suspension/hubs/wheels which are easily and cheaply available.
The missing piece of the puzzle is how to make up the axle. I have been unable to source galvanised C-section of the required size. I suppose I could get a length of mild steel galvanised but that would be a real pain as I don’t have easy access to a galvaniser.

I have, however, come across this complete axle for sale:

What would the perceived wisdom be of putting a Wayfarer onto 750kg suspension units? Might they have too little ‘give’ and cause damage?