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@No Disgrace wrote:

Is there a point at which small car wheels start becoming more economical to buy than large trailer wheels?

Yes, about half way down the Autobahn to Hamburg……

That is where a friend of mine blew a tire and wished he had followed my advise. I can guarantee that after such a situation you really don’t care about costs any more, you just want the best and most reliable tires money can buy. Specially when, the “Polzei” urges you to find a wrench and you suddenly remember the whereabouts of your cross wrench….. Back home in the bike shed…..

BTW a pair of car wheels and a set of decent tires is far less expensive then being fined by the German “Autobahn Polizei”.
And of course there are fuel consumption considerations too. Better tires give less roll resistance and better driving behaviour in general, making it safer to drive. Though a special trailer cover saves more fuel then good tires IMHO.