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Dave Barker

Looking forward to our first sail in W3177, which we bought from Hamish Grigor in 2009, but have only just got around to refurbishing, with much input from Nigel Potter and team (Paintcraft). I hope the Mk1 composite is the ideal cruising Wayfarer as that is the reason we decided to change boats from Cockle, a Mk2 (W6151).

A few more mild, dry days of the sort we have enjoyed this past week would be appreciated for fitting out. I managed to make progress with the floorboards today, concentrating on stripping and (next job) epoxying the edges. Minor repairs and some reinforcement needed to the area around the self-bailer access opening on one board, otherwise they’re in nice condition, as is the rest of the boat, albeit with new thwart and tabernacle, and re-made benches (using the superfluous rear ones).