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Dave Bevan

The biggest advantage of the type you have is you’re not likely to leave it at home when you setoff for a few days’ cruising! We have the removeable shoe type on our MKIV, and it spends most of it’s time tucked away in the loft; if you’re any doing any sort of racing you won’t want it on there if you’re not using the outboard! We’ve had no real issues with sheets fouling the outboard or the bracket. Both types mean there’s a significant weight further aft affecting trim, and the extra leverage means your fixings need to be more robust. I don’t think you get any real advantage from the spring-loaded mechanism, because most (all?) outboards can be swung up out of the water anyway, and arguably, it’ll actually put it more “in the way”.

Our old MKII already had an outboard pad fixed directly onto the transom. A little more care was needed to ensure the bridle/mainsheet didn’t foul the outboard tiller in the raised position, but more importantly, that the rudder was kept well clear of the prop. However, this is the simplest solution, and on any pre-world marque with an aft tank/lazarette, means the outboard will still be within easy reach of the helm 😉