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No experience of the type you have mentioned but due to the lack of response I will share some thoughts.
In my opinion, the majority prefer the shoe type as it gives a very neat finish when the outboard is not in use.

The spring loaded type will do the job. However, the draw back as I see it, will be when the bracket is not in use.
As it is not designed to be removable, then when not in use, it will be set in the retracted position.
Depending on the design, this retracted position may sit somewhat high and interfere with mainsheet/transom track traveller.
Of course, you can overcome this by using a strop instead of the traveller and/or a centreboard swivel mainsheet block.

Alternatively, leave the bracket in the extended position when sailing. It will look a bit untidy but this is not a beauty contest.
It may still interfere with the mainsheet.