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I always carry two anchors. A 5lb plough up front, with a few metres of chain and a lot of metres of 6mm nylon shackled to the chain. “out back” its a smaller danforth with less of everything. This makes a great all round set up for whatever I’ve needed if for. I wouldnt be without a kedge…

Anyway, perhaps less common is my arrangements for fairleads – I’ll take a photo if anyone is interested enough – I have the rode running through 18″ of flexible pipe, in the middle of the run of pipe is a snap-shackle, fixed to the pipe. The pipe is “snapped” onto deck eyes when the anchor is in use, and kept in the bucket when not. No shafe, quick to deploy and the rode cant come out of the fairlead (as I worry it might with an open fairlead).

Bitter ends come out of the bottom of the rode buckets to deck eyes on the fore and aft bulkheads…