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On my recent cruise on the West Coast I carried two anchors. The first is a 2.5kg Sentinel with about 3-5m of chain and a hawser laid warp of about 30m. The second is a bruce type, again of 2.5kg, this time with a braided rope warp of about 30m that has a lead core for the first 10m.

Both anchors had their use this year. The Sentinel was better at holding in hard sand (on or below the water line) the bruce was good in the mud and easier to clean on recovery. Neither held well in the soft drier sand up on the beach on Coll. When it came to placing an anchor onto a stony beach the sentinel was slightly easier to secure with the rocks and the chain meant the rocks would not chafe the bottom end of the warp. However although the chain does lie better on the bottom, providing the horizontal pull you need with an anchor, I dislike the clunkiness and difficulty of handling it in the boat, especially on recovery and the extra dirt it brings in.

The leaded warp is quieter and much easier and neater to handle, although you need to lay a bit more line than with the chain.

Of the two warps the nylon hawser laid warp provides a better element of stretch that reduces the abrupt tugs if there is a swell.

As to stowage. I put each anchor into a plastic box, complete with its chain/warp. The box lids are fixed with an elastic loop at one end and a quick release clip at the other providing easy access. The photo shows the clear box with the sentinel anchor (a hole in the side aids putting the anchor bar in) and the green box has the bruce and leaded warp. The bruce being slightly smaller fits better and more neatly into a box.

[attachment=0:3jcm3sag]anchor boxes 2.JPG[/attachment:3jcm3sag]

This means the anchors can be stowed away if dirty without getting the dirt on everything else and it keeps the boat clean and tidy. I stow the boxes, one on each side, under the foredeck (I have a World) by the use of heavy duty Velcro. This allows me to lift the boxes out for use when required (a good heave suffices) but keeps them secure when sailing. It is easy to re-stow them by simply putting the box back into its place on the Velcro pads. I believe the Velcro (with a patch in each corner of the box) is strong enough to keep the boxes in place in the event of a capsize, although I have not trialled it.

My World has a closed fairlead at the bow (very annoying) so I use a heavy duty carabiner as the fairlead which I clip onto the bow fairlead when required. I cleat the warp onto the tabernacle cleat, often going round the mast first with a large bight. Thus when it comes to re-stow it is all just coiled into the bottom of the box.

I am glad I have both types, as each has their use and there were occasions when two anchors made life much easier. If I had to take one only I would probably take the sentinel with chain and warp.