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Bob Harland

We had this arrangement for about 10 years in our World with the 10lb plough anchor on the floor sitting in chocks and a short length of chain across the floor to the drum. So the drum has warp wound on it with a couple of metres of chain. We had a lanyard to stop the drum unrolling.
We found it a very satisfactory arrangement. It was really quick to stow the anchor warp – just wind it on the drum. Easy to let out as much warp as you need to anchor.
As I mentioned the drum did foul the kicking strap. It also restricted access to the forward stowage.
I have seen drums mounted on the side-bench bulkhead, and I think forward of the tabernacle to the underside of the foredeck. I am still working on where to locate a drum on our Woodie – the mast pivot pin is not suitable as there is not enough space.

The crew is going to be busy stowing the anchor and warp while the helm sails off . So wherever you put the drum/anchor bear this in mind.