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Dave Barker

Also be very careful if you do decide to use either “two-pot” (which is in fact a special form of polyurethane, which you have to mix in careful proportions from two separate containers) or epoxy (which you also mix, then apply to the bare wood, leave to harden, sand level, perhaps repeat, and finally finish with paint or varnish).

The 2-part polyurethane gives off some nasty fumes which can sensitise the lining of your lungs, leading to severe asthma and occasionally death.

Epoxy also gives off toxic fumes when hardening, whilst the sanding dust can irritate skin, eyes, lungs etc. Some people are allergic to the separate components of epoxy, more often the hardener I think.

Both products are very useful in the care and maintenance of wooden boat parts, but need to be treated with respect.