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Colin Parkstone

Were you pinching because the boat was being headed away from the wind or was it that the boat was healed and there was too much water preasure on the leeward side of the boat.

With the full genoa and reduced main, I would think that the bow would have been pushed away from the wind and given your helm a feeling that it needed to be pushed away from you all the time.

If that was the case, balance is the key. ease genoa, pull in main !

When the wind is high i try the tracks back to open the slot and to ease wind through the slot.

Then if that does not feel right and your easing the main lots to keep level, try the main flat as pos and ease the genoa a couple of inches.

This opens the slot again and as your not able to keep flat,no need to choke the slot with a main that is eased all the time.

The other key is to still keep driving the boat. If your eased to keep flat then drive the boat by pointing less but moving forward more!

Movement forward is better than pointing too high to spill and going nowhere?

Hope that has some sense too it?