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Pete Smith

Thanks guys.
Nice bit of help. Suppose trick is getting balance right between kcker and bridle settings. But blocks together in light and apart in heavy is a good start.

Why did I come back to Wayfarer?
Well was quite a big decision really. Had tried out RSVision and Topper Xenon and Laser2000, all much cheaper than Wayfarer, but no class fleet to speak of at most of the Norfolk clubs.
Richard Hartley, I suppose did good job in convincing me Wayfarer was the one. RS Topper and Laser were not really interested in me and my questions, but just interested in shifting another block of plastic.
Boat will be used for getting my teenage kids and wife from complete novices to decent sailors and Wayfarer is a super stable boat for that.
Also think MK 4 looks the part. Hartleys have done a cracking job modernising the whole thing. And even though we haven’t collected yet, the whole buying experience has been super.

So there you have it.