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Titanium wetsuits do work, ask any windsurfer. In fact, windsurfers are probably better placed to advise on wetsuits than anybody. Even the hotshots seem to spend an awful lot of time in the drink. It may be significant, however, that a number of our windsurfing members of, er, mature years have espoused drysuits.
Trident drysuits seem to be good value and they can rehash them to suit those whose physique tends towards garden gnome proportions.
I would respectfully suggest that it comes down to price and which you find most comfortable. There must be a point when your response to immersion in cold water is down to age and fitness; what you’re wearing becomes academic.
Of course, Wayfarer sailors have both the craft and the skills to avoid immersion…
But I digress. Here’s my point: please, please, put up with the odd snag and wear your bouyancy aid outside everything. People don’t have handles, and trying to haul a big bloke in a slippery wetsuit over the side of a safety boat is a nightmare.