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Colin Parkstone

Another view from a racer,
I like and use a mainsheet swivel jammer with cleat and also a on/off ratchet block ?

Why? Well a cleat is very usefull to put the main in when I pull up the spinaker as i use two hands to help the crew and hoist so no way do i let the main out to do nothing.

The on / off type ratchet is the only one I use on the main and the genoa sheets.
I have had two types of auto,s and both failed on me and did not last too long for the money, so on/off for me only.
Also in light winds the ratchet when on not only holds the sheets when i dont want them too but that clicking drives me mader than a box of frogs,so i turn that noise off till we need the help!

Ebay sometimes has Harken gear forsale !