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Oh i am sorry to hear that , but would somthing like that (not from barton) be ok ?


Really keen racers don’t use a cleat, they want to feel the pull of the sail at all times. A swivel cleat would only be expensive ballast and for that reason top racers tend to use a ratchet block only. At the very least use blocks with ball bearings so the friction is minimized and the “feel” is optimized. Without a cleat consider using a (auto) ratchet block if you intend to sail in strong winds. A ratchet block takes some of the load off your hands. The ratchet in a normal ratchet block has to be switched on or off by hand, an auto ratchet block kicks in automatically above a factory preset load.

If you are on a tight budget, why not visit some of the countless boat jumbles that are held this time of the year? AFAIK almost every club has one.