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‘ Describe a ‘doofer ‘ – should be a degree question !

Mine was fitted as a bit of fun and is a piece of plastic tubing one and a half inches in diameter and 18″ long fastened to the foredeck by a single screw just behind the shute and pulled back towards the shroud by a control line fed back to a cleat near the mast-gate . The shroud end of the tube then has a piece of shock cord led under tension to the stem . When spi -down time comes Philip releases the control line and the piece of tubing flicks out and together with the shock-cord and the control-line forms a triangular platform onto which the leeward sheet can fall .Once the spi is in the shute the plastic tubing is pulled back on to the deck .

The spectators at the week-end noted that the ‘ doofer ‘ does not extend beyond the most forward part of the hull skin nor does it jut out beyond the widest part of the skin and i think the general view was that it was legal because of those two features .

I await a reply from the Netherlands and Parkstone who will together propose a rule amendment calling for a ban on ‘doofers ‘
but do the Dutch have a word for it ??

PS This is not meant to be a serious topic !!