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Sadly, racing at Shoreham on Sunday was also abandoned (see Michael McKechnie’s report on the front page of the website).

This did give the assembled crews a chance to look at the ‘doofer’ on the front of Alan Chaplain’s boat. I looked this term up when i got home: “A Doofer can be anything. When you can’t think of the name of an object or item just replace the unknown name with doofer and hey presto.”

I’ll leave Al to explain what it does.

In the meantime, I am looking for ‘sheet catcher’ to go on the front of my boat to replace the viagra impregnated bungy recommended by Brian Lamb. I am told that it is illegal, as it projects too far in front of the boat.

I am told that it is possible to create a more professional looking sheet catcher by bending an old burgee into shape. Can anyone advise me on design/dimensions?