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Colin Parkstone

Only my opinion,

We need to find another weekend for the Westerns as this is what an Area Champs is all about,

May not be a rule for it but thats the spirit of them,

Open for more people on a weekend, not another week needed for a sailing event,

We have Ireland and Holland in the diary already this year which need a week, without any family holidays i am sure the non sailers will want to take.

We can ask to much of the class!!

With only weekend events in this country this year,its open for more people to go for the Area Champs and Travellers Cups by only useing a weekend at a time.

The National Champs next year, I would welcome a return to being another week long or long weekend of sailing that stands alone.

ps, With me saying that, I have no problem with what is happening this or happened last year, just give the other way a go again!