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Sea Lancer

I understand that everyone has an opinion with regards this calendar and I would like to let you know mine. The National Championships this year brought together racers, cruisers and those who sail purely for pleasure. I believe it was one of the most important things to happen to the Wayfarer fleet for many years. I thoroughly enjoyed the company of fellow Wayfarer sailors be they racers or not and got the impression that most felt the same. Some were there to compete, some were happy to just sail around in this great fleet but I’m sure all enjoyed the experience. This “free” calendar is a great momento of the event. The generosity of its production was a continuation of the spirit of the event. The quality of pictures and photography is outstanding and I wonder how many other fleets have such a quality calendar this year? How much would you need to pay for a calendar of a similar standard? I would like to thank all involved with its production for an excellent product. There is more than just the pictures to this calendar.