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I’d like to say thanks to those who put the effort into making the calendar the smart production that it is but, likewise, I was disappointed that all the images were of one racing event which, as a non-racer, I didn’t attend and wasn’t interested in – don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely delighted that the class had a highly successful racing event this year.

Colin – I seem to recall that the previous calendar was a nice balance of racing and cruising pictures? I felt that this really did the class full justice and I had very much been hoping for something along the same lines. So much so that I ordered a second one as a present for my father, who as a keen cruiser and non-racer like myself will probably not be interested in any of the pictures, but he’s far too polite to say anything. I feel it might have been helpful to have promoted the calendar as a special souvenir edition of the 2010 Worlds so it was clear it was a different slant to the previous one.

As for the cover of the new Wayfarer News, fully agree its an absolute cracker, one of the best I’ve seen.