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🙂 Hello to the group firstly!

Our wayfarer, Mk1 grp, doesn’t have any furling/reefing gear as yet and I’m looking into remedying this at present.

Been looking at other boats where I sail to see how they deal with getting caught up in the forestay – leaving aside the merits of different drums and top swivels, I’ve noticed the Comet Duo ( a small crewed boat) which has roller furling fitted as standard, has the forestay attached about 6″ higher up the mast than the point where the jib halyard enters the mast. Think the theory behind this seems sound, leaves the stay hanging slightly away from the jib.

Any thoughts on this, or reasons why fixing a sturdy mounting point slightly higher up the mast for the forestay would be a real no no?


Angus (in Bristol UK)