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Hi everybody, Filled the dustbin with water this morning and with the seagull clamped to a sack barrow and immersed in the bin, It started on the third pull. Not bad I thought for a motor that has’nt run since 1986. I’m really pleased, as you can imagine. So smooth. I can’t wait to try it on the boat. I went down to the club this afternoon to see how it looked on the back of the boat. As far as depth is concerned it looked about right. Although I won’t know for certain ’till it’s in the water. It will need to be put on a bracket though, as it fouls the mainsheet bridle. I don’t think you could have got my pm, Blu tak, so i’ll try again. I can’t try the motor out properly as, the only boats allowed to use an engine on our pond are the rescue craft, so I went for a sail. A perfect end to a very satisfying day.

Regards Roger.