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When buying my outboard I was guided towards a two stroke on the grounds that you can invert them (not that you should) without oil getting into places it should not….and then the engine needing an expensive overhaul before it could be used again. Has this issue been resolved or is the solution to keep a 4 stroke motor on its outboard bracket all the time rather than storing in the aft locker (or wherever) when the prop could go above the engine?
I know 4 strokes are greener and just interested what others think.
(PS I realise this is a slightly different track for this posting but still significant if chosing an outboard.)
PS 2. When fitting my outboard pad I felt there was no substitute for offering up outboard attached to bracket to boat whilst rudder also mounted to ensure no possibility of contact between prop and rudder blade. Having gone round the boat park measuring the position of other peoples I realised there was quite some variety ……and different brands of outboard are different sizes even when standardised to short/standard and long shaft.