Ease of boat draining is clearly an issue.

We sail a world, which as justcrew suggests has the self-bailers on the outer edges of the hull, each sits in a fairly deep well. As the boat has a gulley running along each side of the floor the water rushes towards the bailers. We have filled the boat (unintentionally) up to just below the seats, with 4 adults aboard and we managed to get enough way on to drain it dry within a few minutes. In windier conditions once you can get them open and get on the right tack the boat is empty is no time.

One thing to add is that we also have transom flaps, which are about as much use as a chocolate teapot. The only thing ours have done recently is act as an alternative escape route for the spinnaker pole. So I think a new design which doesn’t bother to include them would be no bad thing.