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@Jonathan Jenkins wrote:

I’m assuming that the bilge rails are wooden strips incorporated within the hull moulding – is this correct? – and that adding some sealant to the screw holes is just to stop water getting into them. Jonathan

Our Mk1 GRP (No. 2590) has no wood in the bilge rails – they are simply hollow tunnels of GRP matting shaped properly on the outside by the gelcoat. They are “attached” to the main hull structure, rather than being integral to the main hull matting. So could be issue in attaching strips with screws as they’re not substantial structures ……. and you cannot access the inside either for bolting. Maybe rivet/epoxy them on ? A good idea to protect them though.

– Rory

PS I’m pretty sure our rear hatch lid is double skinned GRP with an air gap in between, so it should float OK – haven’t tried it though.