Not sure I completely agree. Aft main pulling yhou towards the aft of the boat? I don’t find this, no more than a centre main pulling you towards the centre of the boat. I suppose the argement is you can cleat off. If racing, I can see the need but if cruising I think holding the main is far safer. If you are finding it difficult to hold then you’re probably overpowered. (Or you could try a ractchet block?) If you want to fiddle around adjusting something it’s probably more seamanlike to reduce power. Yes the mainsheet can catch on the rear quarter but if you watch the clew it will lift momentarily before gybing. At this point yank the main and you’ll find it doesn’t catch.

Inexperienced crew? Well one day they will become experienced (hopefully) and until then, why not ask them to release the genoa, tack and then reset on the new tack. The only time this is difficult is in very light airs and then you have all the time in the world to sort out the genoa.

Nope, sorry, Its aft main for me unless I’m racing.

Again great to hear other points of view though.