Just thought I would upload some flattering? piks of the repair….thanks for the advice John and Richard ….. Decided that with not enough faith in my fibreglassing that it would be a good idea to leave a supportive prop in place as back up……I am not going to stop needing to use the outboard and therefore kneeling on that corner of the aft locker. I have used a spreader plate on the floor of the locker and at the top of the prop I left a fraction of a gap and the filled the space with loads of “no nails” type adhesive as a mini cusion. I have painted over the messy fibreglass instead of gel coat as I don’t have the right colour or the skill to put it on……….hopefully it is a functional repair ……..looking forward to the bouyancy test…..(???).
Interested if anyone has ever gone for the same solution……..obviously the leg will influence how the aft locker is used ……hopefully not too inconvenient.
Note. Its only taken me 7.5 months to complete this job and it still looks horrible! Upside down fibreglassing ain’t so easy.