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I have a Yamaha 4hp on Buttercup. In the past I have tended to leave it permanently installed on the transom, precisley becasue when I need to use it I don’t want to leave the boat unhelmed with the kids on board as I struggle to attached it to the transom in what woukld inevitably be a small emergency.

My question however is this. One of the disadvantages of my setup, is that the boom swings perilously close to the top to the engine cover when tacking. (The engine sits on the transom and not the detachable mounting so often mentioned in these forums). Furthermore there is often the danger that the mainsheets get wrapped around the engine during the same manouvre. Therefore would the detachable engine mounting solve both of my concerns? If so is the Boats’n’bits solution the way to go? or does anyone else use the engine directly on the transomwith the probles I have encountered?

Many thanks as always.