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I made my own this year based heavily on canvas windmill, the wayfarer handbook and Margaret Dye’s book. Crunch question is how often and what sort of conditions are you planning to use it in? Will you be on your own for a quick escape when conditions are favourable when you can sling something over the boom or do you want luxury and side supports so you have some space. Mine is spacious and over the top but I wanted no complaints from my wife………only trouble is it takes an hour to put up when your are starving and you can’t start cooking till you sit still and stop tweaking the tent. I use a rope girgle for fixing it too and that is a bit of fun as I run lengths under the hull so the girdle cannot ride up once you fix the tent to it……..the amount of rope you could dedicate to the tent is costly so some cheap DIY stuff does perfectly well short term. I used lenths of 2×1 with nuts and bolts for the side bars (that hold the walls of the tent out above the gunwhales) and then rope the ends onto the boom crutch cross bar. My cunning bit of design is to hang a length of wood off the mast end of the boom the width of the boat (nearly) and then use guy ropes down off each end to the gunwhale mounted fairleads……then you can tie the other ends of the side bars to that and the whole structure is solid………if you can imagine a rectangle of wood 8inches below the boom height that goes round the perimeter of the area you use in the boat….that is what you sling the tent over………I could go on! as I say it is all overkill if the weather is fine but my canvas trebles as a garden “gazebo” and a land based!frame tent awning extension……seriously though you could hire the Wayfarer assoc one and see what issues it raises when you play with it. I do have photos if you are interested I could e mail somehow….. obviously I am Mr. World Expert after two nights in it but I would say on a budget if you are just testing out the idea on a fine summers night you don’t need to blow the bank………good luck Dave