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After the exhilarating but challenging rally to Gurnard (see WNews 117) when we had only one set of reefing points and a furling genoa we took action! Using the Seasure swivel and drum already fitted we opted for the Mk 11 Helyar spar and a second line of reefing points. Banks Sails could not have been more helpful as indeed was Rob Helyar. The spar and sail alterations were extremely reasonable at £168 +VAT and postage. A few small items were needed to enable me to fit the reefing line inside the boom.

The system worked well this summer and gives a zone of comfort that is most welcome as we age and become less mobile. Time will tell if the Seasure fittings last, but might as well wear them out in the meantime.

Nick ‘n Mary LizzieB 9922