A wish list for the more mature owner:

Apart from a self draining hull which is stable when full and easy to remount when inverted:

1. Increase open meeting attendance by making it easy to rig & de-rig. For us that means an undercover (split transversly at shrouds / hull support?) that that doesn’t need superman to lift the boat into and a spi halyard and pole uphaul that can be rigged & de-rigged without double joints and a periscope. Plus mast sock with sheet stowage and bungies for securing disconnected shrounds and forestay. Plus trailer board mounted on rudder pintles with supports for mast foot and boom.
2. A reliable and salt-tolerant halyard stowage mechanism for pump action spi hoist.
3. A chute launched spi plus twin self-launching spi-poles.
4.Front bulkhead far enough forward or rear tank front face far enough aft for boom to stow in boat below the level of tiller (not possible in a +S)
5.Front of forward side benches far enough aft to fit a decent sizes spi bags.
6.Decent spi bags with kit pockets
7.A slot gasket that last longer than 2 seasons and is easy to change by two lightweights without turning the boat over – or do away with the sodding thing provided that the boat performs as well as existing ones without it.
8.Spi guy cleat / reaching hook of a type and in a position that a relatively weak female crew can pull the guy and pole back off the luff in a blow – perhaps with additional guy thwart fairleading to enable the helm to assist with his mainsheet hand.
9.Single double-ended twinning line with length adjustable from from in boat.