Martyn, only done three boats myself, so would stand to be corrected by any pro’s out there. I used International Brightside Snow White Enamel for the hull, Brightside Squall blue for the decks and International Danboline for the compartments and under the floor boards as it is a bit denser and cheaper than brightside. When applied with a gloss foam roller and stroked quickly, keeping a wet-edge all the time, the paint being teflon based flows into a mirror-like finish overnight (and also runs in places where you need to use a brush!):cry:. The quick strokes have the effect of bursting the air bubbles which seem to form. I am well pleased with my results. Only the white comes in 2.5 litre tins, and this is the cheapest way of buying it at £46, rather that £18 for a 750ml tin. regards, Neil