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Wow, well done Toby – I didn’t expect such a full list so soon!

Mmm, Rutland, nice! And good to be going back to Warsash (assuming it’s going to be F.3-4, sunny and warm again). Not so sure about Weymouth.

Actually, I’d be interested to hear people’s favourite-ever Nats venue and why. I wasn’t, unfortunately at the fabled Falmouth event which, if turnout and the stories are to be believed was the ultimate.

My vote would therefore go to Parkstone (inside the harbour), while Blackwater was pretty good too. Both fairly sheltered venues with nice flat water but interesting surroundings and plenty of landmarks and shifts to use. Good for the cruisers too, I’d have thought. Least favourite places: Lowestoft (OK, it wasn’t a Nats but would be a possibility, I guess) or indeed any sea venue that sees us bashing round the eternal triangles miles from anywhere; always feels like drag racing to me, as the fastest boats inexorably draw away, metre by metre, while your leg muscles scream!