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It’s a ripstop Mac. genny about as old as the boat. The main is still in remarkably good shape but the genoa has been ravaged by various elements, not least mice, to judge from the patches. Im more inclined to replace it than recut it.
I’m aiming for a cost-effective compromise.
I’m using a furler, tensioned by a Highfield. As our old works engineer would put it “We’re not buildin’ Concorde, tha knows.”
Purpose-built benches with flush fairleads could well be an option, as could the swivel cleat.
I suppose my philosophy with this boat is to make the best of what she’s got, rather than trying to make her into a new boat. In automotive terms, a carb. clean, new plugs and points, rather than a new engine.
Am I worrying too much about this. Should I just accept the loss of pointing ability with the outboard fairleads and try to sail the beats free and fast?
Just now, with horizontal snow whipping across tthe local reservoir and a wind-chill around -8, I suspect there’s still time to mull-over an acceptable solution…