Tim – Congratulations. She looks beautiful.

I’ve got a wooden mast and original “wobbly” tube spreaders. I also found myself being seduced by shiny modern spreaders in the chandlers and had to remind myself that I don’t really want to try to compete with the Mustro Skiffs.

As far as the mast pin goes, I am pretty certain that the mast should not sit on the pin. I have had to make a few new blocks for the mast foot after a foolish flirtation with a monstrous zillion to one kicker when I had another Musto delusion. I made a marine ply plate and screwed/epoxied on a hardwood block.

With the above setup I have no problem getting enough jib tension to use a furler with a highfield lever. I use the (relatively) cheap plastic piping furler which works a treat.

One observation about spreaders …. if they weren’t there it would be easy to make up a mast sock/snuffer that would remove the need to revarnish the mast every few years!