Great contribution Roger and Jane,

And you’re bang on right! Sadly we missed the first 2 days so were never competing for the week, but having shaken out the rust we were as fast as anyone upwind and downwind on the last day and so nearly took Mike Mac on the line in our 35 year old Mark 2 (with Macnamara sails of course).

She was referred to as ‘The Aged Chough’ 20 years ago – so not sure what she is now, but I detected a few very frustrated owners of brand new boats getting somewhat cross as we held, or sailed away from them!

Here’s looking forward to Upper Thames, Bough Beech, and 2010!

Robin Barker, Chough (w4286 – Mark 2 Westerly, launched in 1974, and winner of last race in Nationals 1980 …. and so nearly in 2009, 29 years later!)